Talent Strengths Shortlisted as Finalists for Best Technical Innovation Award at Onrec 2015

Talent Strengths Shortlisted as Finalists for Best Technical Innovation Award at Onrec 2015

Talent Strengths the innovative online psychometric assessment firm has been shortlisted as finalist in the category of Best Technical Innovation Award 2015 for their “game changing” psychometric technology. Talent Strengths have achieved a global first by creating a new online behavioural assessment technology, enabling organisations to build and deploy their own custom psychometric assessment solutions instantly. Talent Strengths’ ground breaking proprietary technology the TSPQ Invent Series™, contains 47 pre-validated personality scales that are fully integrated with a detailed online job competency analysis process. Ultimately this means recruiters are able to deliver a valid, robust and watertight recruitment process, underlined by industry best practice in a fraction of the time currently offered by the industry.

Although a relatively new entrant to the market, the key players in the Talent Strengths business boast over 35 years of combined experience developing assessment technology working within some of the world leading assessment firms.

Talent Strengths’ Founder and CEO Jeremy Pemberton-Pigott is a former Managing Director at SHL PreVisor. He says “The psychometric assessment market has been self-serving for far too long. Organisations have been forced to adapt their business needs around the test publishers technology and practices. Here at Talent Strengths we have built an intuitive assessment technology from the ground up focussed on the modern paradigm of what actually happens in the organisation. Our technology enables organisations to build their own custom assessment solutions instantly using pre-validated assessment content. Now every organisation can deploy a tailored assessment solution (for every job ) when recruiting for roles. This can now be achieved in a matter of minutes not months”.

With the increasing “War for Talent” amongst organisations and the shortage of quality staff, providing a candidate friendly assessment experience has been essential to attract the right talent. Using unwieldy, lengthy personality questionnaires can be off-putting to candidates and reflect poorly on the brand of the recruiting organisation. Using a shortened valid and reliable custom personality/behavioural questionnaires is seen as the future for candidate friendly talent acquisition.

Pemberton-Pigott, Talent Strengths’ CEO continues “Short, focussed and valid custom assessments have always been the platinum standard for quality assessment when recruiting talent. The global organisations who invest in this technology often commit significant funds when developing custom assessments that meet the exact competencies of a specified job role. In the real world, most businesses don’t have time to do this and typically make do with “off the shelf” solutions. This has always been unsatisfactory and here at Talent Strengths we have taken steps to change this. Using technology as the enabler, organisations online can analyse job competencies in detail, deploy custom assessments in a recruitment campaign and generate a custom competency potential profile and interview guide in as little as 35-40 minutes.”



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