Effective Meetings

Workplace meetings are events where an organisation will make many of its most important decisions. Furthermore the actions that result from meetings are often pivotal in driving an organisations future success.

Talent Strengths can help teams and executive groups become more effective in meetings. To be truly effective, groups need to have clear objectives and work together to achieve shared outcomes. The real power of asking people to come together is to get the most from their collective ideas, insights and viewpoints. Talent Strengths have a range of solutions to help meetings become more focussed and effective and to break down communication barriers and the conflict that can often appear in meetings


Ice Breakers

It can sometimes be helpful to build enthusiasm and engagement when groups come together for meetings by introducing an icebreaker exercise. Using the TSTI Quadrant Report, this simple 4 type model provides a quick and easy method for helping groups get to know each other better.

Facilitators can use either the 4 colours or their 4 associated titles (innovator, reflector etc), to explore and uncover each person’s Quadrant Type. Groups will understand and build a greater appreciation of each other’s strengths and individual differences before embarking on the rest of their meeting.

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The TSTI 7 Creativity Lenses™

This is an excellent model to help groups of people in meetings to become more effective in what they do and in the decisions and choices they make. By profiling participants prior to a meeting, the 7 Creativity Lenses™ can be introduced in meetings to help individuals understand their creative strengths and to identify where they are best equipped to offer ideas and information on a chosen subject matter.

The 7 Creativity Lenses™ also helps:

All Participants Become Creative
By using the lenses model, all meeting participants can provide their input and every input is recognised as a positive contribution. Individuals who otherwise felt that they were not creative, have their creative style identified and are encouraged to use this in their contribution.

Value Every Persons Contribution
Meeting participants using the Lenses can input their views regardless of how “radical” or “critical” they may be.

Better Meeting Creativity and Innovation
Creating a climate of trust and a forum for gathering ideas and views helps contribute to delivering real innovation. Someone’s poor idea can spark another person’s great idea.

Balanced Decision Making
Giving time to viewing the problem through each of the 7 lenses means that all perspectives are heard and no one perspective will overpower another.

Exploring and Clarifying Team Roles in Project Meetings
Using the TSTI Team Roles Model, participants can quickly understand their colleagues and their own most effective roles when discussing and planning activities and projects. Participants can experience the TSTI online prior to arranging a meeting where they can discuss the optimal team roles for each person within the project.