Teams have been an important part of human survival for thousands of years, enabling society to prosper and evolve successfully. Whether hunting in groups or collective working to build shelters, scavenge for resources or to prepare food for nutrition, team working through time, has enabled us to achieve more collectively than as individuals.

Research has shown that as task complexity increases, so does the need for greater specialisations and therefore more effective team working. With internationalisation and newer complex technologies, the team unit has become essential to performance in the modern organisation.

Our consultants can help you and your teams to improve team working and help improve their overall performance.

Team Role Strengths
Helping team members to understand their role strengths and their potential contribution to achieving optimal performance as a team.

Team Creativity and Innovation
Through understanding each person’s role and strengths, teams can deliver better, more focussed problem solving.

Task Clarity
Teams who understand their objectives and goals collectively are more likely to achieve their aims.

Team Balance
Helps to evaluate where there may be role gaps or an imbalance in the team.

Enhancing Team Performance
Understanding team strengths and where individuals are ideally placed to contribute to team’s performance.

Improved Team Performance
Teams with clear roles and goals work better to deliver higher performance levels.

Performance Climate
Teams that are clear about their shared objectives and their role in delivery are more likely to create a healthy working climate.

Balanced Decision Making
The wider group’s views are considered to ensure the best ideas aren’t lost.

Reduced Interpersonal Conflict
Improved understanding of others’ strengths, roles and contribution to team performance can reduce conflict amongst team members.

Our consultants use a range of methods and diagnostics to help understand teams better and to guide teams towards better ways of working and greater performance.