Executive Assessment

For organisations to stay competitive and deliver success over the long term, it is important to have the right leadership team in place. Any future leader that you decide to appoint should be equipped with the right attributes to deal with the demands of the role both today and into the future.

Hiring mistakes at this level can be costly and can have a devastating effect on the people they manage and for business performance. Executive assessment from Talent Strengths offers measurable insights when selecting, developing and promoting leaders. We take time to understand what matters in your business and identify the challenges that will be faced in the role at hand. We use this knowledge to inform the development of appropriate assessments that will help differentiate between candidates’ performance and potential.

We are able to work with your organisation’s leadership framework or develop a tailored leadership model from the Talent Strengths Universal Competency Framework. This will identify the core competencies of performers and also give insights into the areas that might derail some candidates when working in your operating environment.

Our executive assessment services go deeper in the individual’s personality, motivators and cultural fit where we explore the values, beliefs and aspirations of the person. With executive assessment we provide only the most experienced consultants who have an understanding of your business sector.

We will:

  • Approach any assessment process with objectivity, yet personalised, so that individuals don’t feel as if they are going through a “generic” process.
  • Establish a professional yet friendly experience avoiding jargon and treating candidates with respect.
  • Deliver feedback with clarity using insights from the assessment reports to aid development planning, providing support for newcomers.
  • Encourage self-reflection, asking participants to reflect on their experiences and share what they have learned. Top performers often have high degrees of self-awareness and sharing perspective adds to the richness of the learning experience.