Volume Recruitment

Finding the very best candidates in a large pool of applicants can be a difficult challenge for organisations. Talent Strengths can help you to identify the most suitable candidates using appropriate and robust screening tools ensuring the cream of talent will rise to the top.


Here are some common issues we can help you with:

Understanding the right criteria on which to select candidates
Using out of date job specifications or inaccurate competencies can spell disaster for the organisation. Poor selection decisions lead to employees with poor fit, weak workplace performance and increased staff turnover.

Managing Candidate Expectations about the Job Role
Applicants who are unclear about the job they are applying for may experience both a mismatch between their interests and motives and the opportunities afforded by the future job. The result often leads to job dissatisfaction and the best staff leaving.

Delivering a Positive Candidate Experience
A poor recruitment experience reflects negatively on the organisation and can have an impact on the quality of hire as well as on the customer.

Handling Large Volumes of Applicants
Without an efficient and effective means of sifting candidates to identify the best people, this may result in a negative impact on the quality of hire of your  talent.

Retention of Talent
High staff turnover can affect an organisation’s ability to deliver a consistent customer experience, jeopardising team morale in the process.


Our innovative solutions designed for volume recruitment include:

The Invent™ Series is a ground-breaking assessment solution that enables organisations to analyse jobs, configure tailored assessments, deploy recruitment campaigns immediately and sift candidates to identify the best talent with real potential .

Invent™ – Ability and Aptitude Tests
We have a broad range of ability and aptitude tests that help focus on objectively screening out candidates who do not have the right skills to do the job. The tests are designed to accurately reflect the modern working world encompassing numerical and verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning, checking and accuracy and verbal comprehension amongst other tests.

Whether the job role requires checking credit card numbers or understanding spreadsheets, our tests provide excellent face validity replicating relevant challenges found in the workplace.

Invent™ – Competency Potential Screener
A revolutionary competency base screening tool allows organisations to select their chosen competencies and configure a tailored online screening assessment using the Talent Strengths Assessment Software.

Foresight™ Realistic Job Previews (RJP)
This candidate friendly assessment process is often introduced at the beginning of the application process. It is designed to educate and help the applicant understand more about the job requirements, culture and the work environment.

We can work with you to design an RJP that accurately reflects your organisation’s culture and brand using pictures, videos and assessment questions, leaving candidates with a clearer understanding of what to expect on joining the organisation.

Judgement in Context™ Situational Judgement Tests (SJT’s)
We can work closely with you to design Situational Judgement Tests (SJT’s) that simulate the challenges and environment of job roles in your organisation. Scenarios are created to provide evidence of a person’s judgement against the competencies that you are seeking to measure.