Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres provide engaging simulations of the challenges that an individual may experience in the workplace. They are a valid and reliable method for assessing candidates judgement, decision making and behaviour and are invaluable when evaluating their suitability for a job role. The wealth of data collected also means that they are a useful source of information for providing employee development.

Assessment centre exercises, when combined with other assessment activities (eg. Personality Assessments, Ability tests, Situational Judgement Tests, Technical Interviews etc) are considered to be one of the most predictive methods of assessing an employee’s potential. Objectivity and rigour are increased substantially as there are often 3 or 4 different sources of data are recorded from a range of activities for each competency assessed.

Talent Strengths can work with you to develop a range of different bespoke exercises designed to mirror the challenges and competencies in your organisation.

These may include:

Group Exercises
These can typically involve an activity like a joint planning exercise or a business meeting. The group can work together to resolve an issue or to achieve a group outcome or decision. They can come in the form of an Assigned Role Group Exercise, where each candidate is given different information or roles where they have to function in a particular viewpoint and protect their position. Alternatively with an Unassigned Role Group Exercise, the candidates work together to solve problems and to reach a consensus.

In Basket Exercises
Can often involve the handling of a series of correspondence with a range of issues that need to be addressed. Candidates are expected to draw overall strategic lessons and viewpoint from the correspondence. They need to assimilate information quickly and decide which correspondence needs attention and urgency and those that require less immediate attention.

Analysis Exercises
Candidates receive a written brief which they need to understand and analyse in detail. They are then required to write a written report based on the findings. In addition, they may also be asked to present the findings in an aural presentation.

Presentation Exercises
This form of exercise provides the candidate with the opportunity to demonstrate competencies associated with oral communication and listening when responding to questions.

Interview Simulation/Role Play Exercises
Candidates adopt a role in a fictitious organisation. They meet and interact with significant individuals that are closely related to the context of the job they are applying for. These could be executive directors, suppliers, clients or dealing with operational issues with subordinates. The scenarios are typically challenging and aimed at providing opportunities for the candidate to show evidence of their potential.

Day in the Life Simulations
This method uses a range of different exercises that are used in a continuous organisational scenario. During this process the candidate is continuously observed and assessed while completing a range of overlapping tasks.


How We Can Help?

Ensuring assessment centres are successful relies on the quality of the design process when developing the exercises. Furthermore, the event needs to be conducted using appropriately trained and experienced assessors who are familiar with the model being used.

At Talent Strengths, we can support you in a range of different ways depending on your resources, budget and internal expertise. Our services range from delivering a wholly outsourced solution, to developing exercises and training internal staff to have the skills to run assessment centres independently.

Whatever you need, we will ensure that you have the most experienced consultants and experts at hand.