Custom Psychometric Assessments

Talent Strengths’ consultants have deep experience and expertise in developing a range of tailored psychometric assessments and questionnaires to meet the function specific needs of organisations. Our people are equipped with the skills and knowledge to deliver unique and rich psychometric solutions for our clients.

Customised Assessment Solutions – Many Features as Standard

The Talent Strengths Assessment System already provides a number of customised features as standard for every client. Organisations can upload their branding into the Talent Strengths Assessment System at no cost which means that every candidate invitation will contain your branding but also every assessment screen that candidates see will also show your organisations logo. We are currently the only organisation that has built this functionality into our assessment system as standard. The cost to you? It’s free.


Designed Around Your own Organisation’s Language

We understand that each organisation may prefer to use its’ own language to describe different competencies, values and behaviours. At Talent Strengths we have one of the largest banks of pre-validated personality scale content in the industry. This capability allows us to map our instruments to your own competency framework and adapt language accurately to match that of your organisations.

Branded Solutions

Talent Strengths provides its clients with the facility to embed their own corporate identity or logo in the candidate invitations but also in every question and assessment screen. This gives candidates a seamless experience when moving from one aspect of the recruitment process to another. We can also work with you to create a completely customised assessment solution where every aspect of the assessment and reporting is designed to your specifications.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you build quality custom assessment solutions for your organisation today.