Leadership Development

For organisations to maintain a competitive edge it is essential to have the best possible leadership team in place. Leaders define and craft the future path for an organisation. It is important that they have an opportunity to develop their skills and competencies enabling them to grow in their roles. Talent Strengths helps leaders work towards reaching their full potential through its highly interactive leadership development programmes.


Measuring Preferred Leadership Style of High Potential Talent

Our experienced consultants can work with you to create a tailored leadership programme focussed on the leadership attributes associated with success in your organisation. We identify the values and behaviours critical to success and help your leaders become more self-aware and able to manage the relationships and tasks that matter.

Our leadership programmes and interventions can:

  • Enable delegates to explore their preferred leadership style using an appropriate platform to replicate the organisations’ challenges and requirements.
  • Any assessment process put in place relates to the business objectives of your organisation and its context is clearly relevant to delegates.
  • Apply a range of Talent Strengths assessments to help identify and fill competency gaps and put in place objective measures of progress.
  • Integrate detailed individual feedback into programmes to raise delegates’ awareness of their strengths and potential.
  • Develop helpful personal development plans to promote career growth.