Realistic Job Previews – Foresight™

Foresight™ is Talent Strengths’ service for providing custom Realistic Job Previews (RJP’s) to enhance your recruitment processes.

This candidate friendly assessment method is often introduced at the beginning of the recruitment application process. It is designed to educate and help the applicant understand more about the job requirements, culture and the work environment and to see if there is a suitable fit. They can often include pictures, video or assessment questions and are aimed at leaving candidates with a clearer understanding of what to expect on joining the organisation. It can be a useful self-selection tool to help some candidates make the decision not to apply or to motivate those who are interested in applying, to continue moving through the application process.

Whichever option a candidate chooses, RJP’s should deliver an engaging experience for the candidate and leave them with a positive impression of the organisation. It also provides a useful method for reducing the number of unsuitable candidates.

In developing RJP’s, we begin by working with you to crystallise our understanding of what exceptional performance in the role will look like and to understand more about the work challenges, environment and context of the role. We may use a tool such as the online Job Competency Analysis Questionnaire to help identify the most important behavioural competencies to inform our RJP design. We will also work with you to ensure that the overall design reflects the branding and house style of your organisation.

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