Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are the differentiating factors between the most successful businesses and the rest. Businesses that create more ideas, harvest the best concepts and are able to turn these into new products and services, are more likely to thrive and succeed.

Unsurprisingly innovation and creativity are considered to be amongst the top three competencies most sought after when recruiting executives. At Talent Strengths we can help you recruit people with the competency potential to be innovative and creative and with the flexibility and insight for developing new ideas, products and services in your organisation.

We can measure their thinking style and cognitive strengths using ability tests combined with the TSPQ Invent Series™ to create an entirely unique assessment focussed on identifying the individuals with the greatest creative potential.

But what about your existing staff? Nearly every employee has the potential to contribute positively to the quality of ideas and innovation in their organisation. The 7 Creativity Lenses™  Report provides a model to help organisations achieve this.

The 7 Creativity Lenses™  Report derived from the Talent Strengths Type Indicator (TSTI), provides a framework for exploring a person’s approach to creativity and for identifying the strengths and preferences of an individual in the creative process.


Our assessments can help you with:

Helping groups and individuals consider wider issues and options when exploring new ideas.

Enable groups in meetings to evaluate ideas constructively and with greater balance.

Boardroom Effectiveness
Enabling senior executives to focus on creating workable solutions without distractions and politics.

Team Working
Helping team members to understand individual differences and their potential contribution to the creative process.

Enhancing Team Performance
Understanding team strengths and where individuals are ideally placed to contribute in creating new ideas and concepts.

Change Management
Change requires new ideas and ways of working with input from people affected so they buy into new solutions. Using the lenses help keep all inputs positive and constructive and focussed on a better future.


Looking for Help with Creativity in Your Organisation?

Talent Strengths’ consultants can help by introducing the 7 Creativity Lenses™  concept into your organisation to make your teams more focussed and productive. This model is designed to help both individuals and teams become more innovative and creative in their output.