Situational Judgement Tests – Judgement in Context™

Judgement in Context™ is Talent Strengths’ service for providing bespoke situational judgement tests (SJT’s) to businesses and organisations.

SJT’s can be developed in many different formats including text, video, avatar or cartoon. They are often based on scenarios that closely mirror the tasks, challenges and environment of the job role being considered. They provide a realistic online experience for the candidate and helps immerse the individual in the context of the organisation to help replicate realistic dilemmas that they might face in the future.

There are many different questionnaire formats that can be considered with SJT’s. Often a passage of text will describe an unfolding scenario or a short piece of film will be shown creating a picture of a scene which requires some actions or decisions. The participant, after the reading or observing the scenario will be given some options to choose as to the best course of action. On occasion they may be asked to rate all the options given or to choose the most or least preferable response.

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