Job Competency Analysis

Organisations need a language to help define what ‘exceptional performance’ looks like and provide a basis by which people can be selected or developed in the role. Competencies have become the modern language used by most organisations to enable this.  By clearly defining ‘ excellence’ in a job role, organisations can objectively define what they are looking for and link workplace behaviours with the corporate strategy that will drive success in the future.

Talent Strengths provides an online Job Competency Analysis Questionnaire which also forms part of the integrated Invent Series™. Using an online version of the ‘card sort method’ for data gathering, this structured questionnaire is used to survey job holders, line managers and other individuals concerned with understanding what is required for high performance in a specified job role. The online questionnaire helps gather essential information to identify:

  • What people do in their job role
  • The rank order of importance of each behavioural competency
  • How often they do it
  • The level of complexity demonstrated in each competency

The competencies used within the job analysis process are taken from the Talent Strengths Universal Competency Framework. The results from this report are fully integrated with the Talent Strengths Assessment System where a tailored assessment solution is automatically configured and built for the job role using components of the Talent Strengths Personality Questionnaire (TSPQ)™ and other assessments. A tailored profile and Competency Potential Report – Interview Guide is also configured and automatically created for this role and is available to download based on the candidates results.


A Job Competency Analysis is an essential organisational activity which should ideally be conducted regularly with all job roles ensuring that the results are:

  • Observable
    The activity can be seen or heard by other people around the person performing the activity.
  • Describes Required Work Behaviour
    The main focus is on what exceptional performance should look like and the behaviours required in the role and not the specific behaviours of the person currently in the role.
  • Verifiable and Can be Replicated
    For ensuring the results are valid and reliable.
  • Reflects Accurately the Current and Future Role
    To ensure that the document is current it should reflect performance expectations in the job today and in the near future.
  • Collected from Multiple Sources
    Objectivity is increased by seeking views from multiple sources involved with the job role.

The Job Competency Analysis Report can also be used as a standalone document to inform other activities such as developing a job description, job evaluation, job design, employee development and for performance appraisals.

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