Understanding Psychometric Assessments


Insightful, flexible, engaging,

The psychometric tests and assessments from Talent Strengths employ the latest research and design principles to deliver assessments that:

  • Support and reinforce your employer brand
  • Meet the needs and local context of your organisation
  • Provide powerful insights and prediction of performance potential


For Recruitment and Selection

Many employers both large and small use psychometric assessments to help them to identify the right candidate for the job. Assessments help provide an independent measure of potential, focussing on the individual’s competencies, personality, ability, aptitude and motivation. Assessments can be used at various stages in the recruitment process to help sift large numbers of applicants and to help select the right person for the role. By using different types of assessments alongside other methods such as structured interviewing, CV’s and references, they provide a valid and objective method for understanding more about a person and evaluating their suitability for a particular role.


For People Development and Team Building

Psychometric assessments can also be used for supporting employee learning and development programmes and for individual coaching and appraisals. Both teams and individuals, who complete these assessments can gain valuable insights into their own strengths and development areas. Individuals when exploring their own psychometric profiles, build better self-awareness through the knowledge they gain about their motives, values and preferred behaviours. This knowledge provides a valuable platform for establishing tailored training and development plans. Teams and their team members find better ways of working together and how to optimise their combined talents towards achieving shared goals.

Talent Strengths off-the-shelf and bespoke personality questionnairesAbility and Aptitude tests and situational judgement tests are built to reflect the demands of modern organisations and their test-takers. We develop psychometrics that are pragmatic, candidate-friendly, and quick and easy to administer.

The content and results of our psychometrics can be easily adapted to meet your needs. Indeed Talent Strengths have developed the world’s first and only online system that enables the organisation to create its own assessments instantly using the Invent Series™.

Personality questionnaires can be quickly configured to measure the traits, values and style that are critical to performance in your organisation. Candidate reports can be used by anyone involved in your assessment process to explore profile results and to interview candidates with structured interview questions.

Selecting the right psychometric test, personality questionnaire or assessment exercise can often be a hazardous pursuit. Talent Strengths Universal Competency Framework is fully integrated and linked to all of the assessments within our product portfolio. These assessments can be used effectively both for the recruitment and development process ensuring that important decisions are not reliant on a single type of assessment. It is universally recommended that you use a multiple assessment process to get maximum value with your assessment protocols:

Ability and Aptitude Tests
These measure how well an individual can perform on certain tasks

Personality Questionnaires
These measure the individual’s preferred style of behaviour and approach to situations

Assessment Exercises
These assess the individual in action performing a range of tasks

Our team of consultants are delighted to provide free advice and support to help you make the right decision with assessments.