Introducing Talent Strengths

Talent Strengths is an online talent technology business and consultancy that specialises in delivering custom online psychometric assessments and talent management solutions for organisations. We use the latest scientific research insights and cutting edge technologies to help organisations make better more informed decisions with their talent.


Why are we different?

As our name suggests, we help people and organisations understand the strengths within the ranks of their talent. Organisations that help their people to channel their strengths and energies in a focussed way are more likely to achieve exceptional results. This might sound simple, but at Talent Strengths we understand the challenges experienced by human resource professionals within organisations and have developed our technology to overcome some of these long-standing issues.

At Talent Strengths, we start by listening to the customer, learning about your organisation and understanding more about the business challenges you face. We use technology, science and decades of experience to provide world class solutions that are delivered on time but without compromising the integrity of the process or by diminishing your choices.


Re-thinking Psychometrics

We simplify solutions to make them easy for the consumer through developing leading edge user friendly technology. This enables us to redefine and re-think the questions or business problems that you are facing. We let technology manage the complex processes along the way, helping you solve deep seated problems you face.

The Invent Series™ is a perfect example of this. As the first assessment of its kind worldwide, we have taken an existing traditional method for designing and creating custom assessments (often taking assessment firms 2-3 months to build) and reduced the time-frame down to a matter of minutes. This now means custom assessment solutions, only previously available to larger corporations with excessive budgets, can now be made available to all organisations at a fraction of the cost.

Assessment users no longer need to cut corners, compromise on best practice or to be forced to buy “off the shelf” assessments. The Invent series™ is the world’s first fully automated online “build your own” behavioural and competency based assessment system.

Every HR practitioner is now equipped and empowered to create flexible custom made psychometric solutions, enabling them to implement objective assessment in the workplace without compromising quality or choice of coverage.


The Foundation of Talent Strengths

Talent Strengths was established in 2011 by its founder and CEO Jeremy Pemberton-Pigott, formerly a Managing Director at one of the world’s largest assessment firms SHL PreVisor UK (now CEB). He previously managed ASE (the occupational division of NFER-nelson), the UK’s longest established occupational testing firm and a leading contributor to the British Psychological Society’s (BPS) Occupational Test Training Standards.

He has taken his passion for developing award winning psychometric software solutions into this new organisation by creating distinct and user friendly assessment tools backed by scientific rigour.

At Talent Strengths, innovation sits at the heart of everything we create. All our solutions seek to solve a problem or business challenge currently unmet in modern HR. Our products are evolutionary and build on established scientific research and best practice resulting in easy to use contemporary assessment solutions.

Our team comprises specialists in occupational psychology, information technology, business and HR consulting. Each shares a passion and ethos for delivering solutions that really work, hand in hand with a premium customer experience. Our consultants have in depth experience working with both Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies and with national government departments and institutions. Regardless of size, we take equal care in our delivery whether serving a growing small enterprise or a large multinational firm.