Job Analysis and Competency Models

The pace of change in organisations is constant and therefore it is important for organisations to regularly evaluate their assessment services to ensure that they are selecting and developing staff using the right criteria.

Ask yourself, are your selection assessments as accurate as they were when they were originally implemented? Are you developing staff against a performance framework that is outdated and needs refreshing?

Talent Strengths can help you fine tune your selection processes to ensure that they meet the challenges of your organisation today and into the future.

Jobs roles often change frequently and nothing stays constant. Have you recently experienced changes in your organisation? This could be changes to structures, new reporting lines, changes in performance targets or markets, changes in technology, systems and processes, changes in culture and physical work environment? Each of these changes can have a significant impact on performance in the role and therefore it is important to review and re-evaluate job roles on a regular basis. This will help define the key criteria on which to base selection and employee development decisions but also to protect the organisation against future legal challenges.

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Our professional consulting services can help you to capture and crystalise what “exceptional performance” looks like in each job role and help you achieve objectivity with your recruitment and selection processes. The Talent Strengths Universal Competency Framework provides a comprehensive methodology as part of a wider toolkit for evaluating the performance requirements in a role. By evaluating the key skills, knowledge, abilities, behaviours, motives required in a role, organisations can identify the most appropriate measures to actively recruit, select and develop your talent.

Competency Models

Competency models provide a common language for talent management activities including recruitment and selection, performance management, employee coaching and development and for implementing change programmes. Such frameworks follow on from the conduct of a job analysis which helps to define the key behaviours required at an individual, team and organisational level. These in turn help deliver successful job performance and targeted business outcomes.

We help organisations understand what “excellent performance” looks like and provide a framework by which the organisation can objectively select and develop its people. Using language appropriate to the organisation’s culture and values, any framework we deliver should be visible for employees to understand and also provide an aid to help them plan and develop their own careers.