Professional and Managerial Recruitment

Most organisations understand that managers and leaders drive success in their organisation but are also accountable for failures. For this reason it is important to pay special care and attention to how they are recruited and selected. Effective managers will improve staff productivity, motivate and engage staff and improve customer satisfaction. Making timely and accurate strategic decisions are key to helping organisations deliver the right business results.

Our Professional and Managerial solutions help organisations make objective informed decisions using assessments that are accurately linked to the core competencies identified for future success in the role.

We can help you to:

• Measure and define the core competencies important for performance using the Talent Strengths Universal Competency Framework covering all industry sectors and staff levels
• Identify the appropriate management and leadership models that make sense in your organisation
• Identify leaders of the future using multiple assessment methods and key competencies
• Help succession planning by matching managers with high potential to key jobs in the organisation
• Help align people with strategy to improve business outcomes