The Invent Series™

The Invent Series is a ground-breaking new online psychometric system that enables users to build their own end to end tailored assessment solution. This is now possible for every job role  and is created quickly “on the fly”. The process begins with an online job competency analysis questionnaire that can be administered by multiple or a single respondent. The results are aggregated and can be used to immediately configure and build an assessment solution. This new tailored assessment solution can be ready for deployment in a recruitment campaign the same day. Furthermore, the system also builds a tailored pdf profile report and structured interview guide. This report is tailored to the selected competencies of the job role and rank ordered in priority of importance.


Why Develop the Invent Series?

The Invent Series was developed in response to a pressing need in human resource management for accurate and accessible tailored assessment solutions.

A custom built assessment solution is considered the gold standard in the assessment world. The more enlightened organisations that invest in building tailored (job specific) assessments solutions, experience considerable benefits of an improved candidate experience and greater accuracy in selection. However, for most organisations, this option in the past has been both time prohibitive and too costly. As a result there has been no alternative for most organisations but to use off the shelf personality assessments and generic ” one size fits all” sector reports (eg. Sales Report, Graduate Report etc) That is, until now.


How Does it Work?

Before the introduction of the Invent Series™, tailored assessment solutions would currently take most test publishers somewhere between 2-4 months to professionally design, build and deploy along with the associated expert narrative reports. Using Talent Strengths proprietary ground-breaking technology, this range of tasks occurs almost instantly.


The Future is Here Today – For Recruiters

A recruitment practitioner can now take a mobile device into their first meeting with a hiring manager and complete the entire process in one meeting. Using on-screen access they can complete a short but detailed Job Competency Analysis Questionnaire together. Full graphic results will be immediately displayed for discussion to review the priority competencies by ratings of importance, frequency and complexity. By the time the recruiter and line manager conclude their meeting, the Talent Strengths Assessment System will have already built a fully customized and configured assessment solution for the hiring manager that can be deployed in a recruitment campaign that day. Furthermore a custom tailored profile and interview prompts report is built “on the fly” enabling the interviewer to begin using tailored structured interview questions to support hiring decisions. Depending on the practitioners preference, they can opt for a competency based report or one which shows job relevant personality scales instead. In each case, full documentation is created linking the job analysis through to the hiring process making the whole process watertight, legally defensible and fit for purpose today and into the near future.


For Occupational Psychologists

Occupational Psychologists often become very familiar with one or two different personality assessments in their consulting work. In addition, they will often get to know certain personality scales or domains very well and will understand how they map to important competencies used by their clients. The TSPQ™ covers 47 common personality scales enabling consultants to build their own tailored assessment solutions using only the scales they select.

Facilitating selection interviews with semi trained or untrained corporate staff or running a panel interview can be challenging. Staff will often view behavioural profile information with interest, sometimes becoming distracted by discreet aspects of the profile. Keeping them focussed on the most relevant behaviours to the role is important in maintaining objectivity. Using the TSPQ Invent Series™, interviewers cannot get distracted by reviewing competencies and personality scales that are irrelevant to the role or that may be of personal interest to them. The competencies covered are only those that are important to the role and are rank ordered by importance to optimise the time spent in the interview process.

Talent Strengths can also embed a client’s corporate identity into the entire assessment experience so that the whole process is bespoke using a consultancies branding or the branding of their client organisation.