Graduate Recruitment

Graduates represent at least 40-45% of every age group. They provide an important talent pool from which most organisations will find the majority of their future leaders, managers and innovators. Competition to find the best talent from this group can be disheartening for recruiters with so many applicants applying with similar backgrounds, qualifications and profiles.

Talent Strengths are here to help you see the “woods for the trees” with your graduate recruitment. We can help you identify the best candidates using efficient, candidate friendly assessments. Using our technology we can streamline your recruitment processes, helping you to take forward only the most suitable high potential graduates.

We recognise that every organisation has different challenges, culture, values and competencies. At Talent Strengths we make no assumptions about the competencies and important attributes required of high performing graduates in your organisation. We prefer to work with you to ensure the starting point for recruitment is accurate and based on your organisations context and not a “graduate profile” founded in a completely different organisation.


What are Your Greatest Challenges?

Attracting the very best graduates
To ensure your organisation, not your competitors, have the best talent.

Ensuring there is a good job fit with roles in the organisation
Good communication about the likely role requirements throughout the application, screening and assessment process ensuring future hires are engaged, motivated and retained.

How best to screen graduate candidates
Putting in place objective screening tools that are fair to all and help sift out the unsuitable candidates.

Giving a positive candidate experience
To reflect positively on your brand so that both successful and unsuccessful candidates continue to be ambassadors and consumers.


Helping You Identifying the Best Graduates

Most graduates will apply for roles in multiple organisations in the hope of securing their first step on the career ladder. It is essential that their experience when they first click on your website is a positive one and that the applicant in encouraged to continue along the process.

Using Foresight™ Realistic Job Previews  developed by Talent Strengths can provide a useful introduction to the application process for the candidate This candidate friendly assessment process is often introduced at the beginning of the application process as a soft introduction to the organisation. It is designed to educate and help the applicant understand more about the job requirements, culture and the work environment of the organisation. It can be a useful self-selection tool to motivate those interested in the roles/s that are available and to help some applicants make an early decision that the job or organisation is not right for them.


Selecting the Right Assessments for Graduates

Companies recruiting for graduates may find selecting the appropriate assessments a challenging task. Picking the right assessments that will identify the best candidates can always be an interesting process with many practical and logistical considerations to think about.

At Talent Strengths we can guide you through this process providing the best advice about the appropriate assessments to use:

Ability and Aptitude Tests
Ability tests have proven over time to be a significant predictor of success in the workplace. Talent Strengths provides a broad choice of online tests and assessments to ensure that we cover the attributes and skills that matter in your organisation.

Personality Assessments
The TSPQ™ is one of the most flexible assessment suites available today. With a comprehensive range of 47 different personality scales, organisations can reduce down and tailor the content of their behavioural assessments to suit the important competencies that matter in their graduate campaigns. Assessments are shorter, valid, relevant and candidate friendly and do not compromise due to lack of scale choice.


Tailored Structured Interviews

The TSPQ Invent Series™ delivers a tailored structured interview guide with competency based questions focussed on only the competencies that matter for the roles being considered. This enables fast and efficient scoring and decision making with graduate applicants.


Seamless and Candidate Friendly Experience

The Talent Strengths Assessment System enables clients to brand every aspect of the candidate experience, so that every question or page of the online assessment will include the organisations own corporate identify. Our platform can integrate with other Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or Recruitment Management Systems (RMS) so that the candidate are unaware that they are moving between systems.