Ex SHL PreVisor Director Launches Game Changing Personality Assessment Technology

STIRLING, June 4th, 2015, Talent Strengths, the innovative online psychometric assessment firm launches game-changing psychometric technology The Invent Series™, that empowers organisations to create their own bespoke and reliable personality assessments.

Talent Strengths has achieved a global first by creating a new and disruptive assessment technology focussed on the user experience. Organisations no longer will need to use static personality assessments when they can instantly build and deploy their own online custom psychometric assessment solutions. Talent Strengths’ ground breaking proprietary technology the TSPQ Invent Series™, contains 47 pre-validated personality scales which form part of a compendium called the Talent Strengths Personality Questionnaire (TSPQ™). The TSPQ™ contains popular personality scales used for employee recruitment, selection and development. With such a wide range of choice, practitioners can decide for themselves which scales they wish to use when recruiting and developing staff in each job role.

Delivering Accuracy and Improved Candidate Experience

For the past decade, assessment firms have tried to reduce the time taken by candidates when completing personality/behavioural assessments in a bid to improve the candidate’s experience. The result is often a limited choice of 10-15 personality scales where the coverage simply does not accurately reflect the range of behaviours that are essential for job related performance in most job roles. Talent Strengths have linked 47 personality scales to 60 global competencies ensuring that organisations can accurately and rapidly analyse job roles and also deploy shorter tailored assessments using a more accurate range of job relevant behavioural scales.

Talent Strengths’ Founder and CEO Jeremy Pemberton-Pigott is a former Managing Director at SHL PreVisor . He says “For far too long, organisations have been forced to adapt their business needs around the test publishers technology and practices. Here at Talent Strengths we have built an intuitive assessment technology from the ground up focussed on solving the challenges of constant change experienced by most organisations. Our technology enables practitioners to build their own custom assessment solutions instantly using pre-validated assessment content. Now every organisation can deploy a tailored and accurate assessment solution (for every job) when recruiting. Our technology makes this happen in a matter of minutes not months”.

With the increasing “War for Talent” amongst organisations and the shortage of quality staff, providing a candidate friendly assessment experience has been essential to attract the right talent. Using unwieldy, lengthy personality questionnaires can be off-putting to candidates and reflect poorly on the brand of the recruiting organisation. Using shortened valid and reliable custom personality/behavioural questionnaires is seen as the future for candidate friendly talent acquisition.

Pemberton-Pigott, Talent Strengths’ CEO continues “Valid custom assessments have always been the gold standard for quality assessment when recruiting talent. For many, ‘off the shelf’ assessments have been the only option available. This has always been unsatisfactory and here at Talent Strengths we have taken steps to change this. Using online technology as the enabler, organisations can analyse job competencies in detail, deploy custom assessments in a recruitment campaign and generate for each candidate a custom competency potential profile with an interview guide in a matter of minutes.”

Whether you are an experienced recruitment consultant, HR professional or occupational psychologist, the option of being able to create your own pre-validated assessments instantly provides a new freedom which many practitioners will welcome.

Talent Strengths go one stage further by providing free company branding for all their online assessments allowing the candidate experience to align with an organisation’s overall corporate recruitment experience.

About Talent Strengths

Talent Strengths is an online talent technology business and consultancy that specialises in delivering custom online psychometric assessments and talent management solutions for organisations. It uses the latest scientific research insights and cutting edge technologies, to help organisations make better more informed decisions with their talent.

Established in 2011, the key players at Talent Strengths have over 35 years of combined experience developing psychometric assessment technology working within some of the world’s leading assessment firms. Its consultants have in-depth experience working with both Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies and with national government departments and institutions.

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